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Grand Opus defines the mathematics behind being the mic controller on “The MC” and debut new 12 track album, “High Power” – @GrandOpusCA

Since the late 70’s Hip-Hop culture has been a source of empowerment for communities without a voice, giving the unheard and ignored a platform to connect and fully express themselves through the language of art. In comes “High Power”, the aptly titled sophomore album from one of California’s best kept secrets, emcee / producer duo, Grand Opus [Joc Scholar & …

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Damar Jackson and MC Livinho need to know what you can do behind closed doors “Before” falling in love – @damarjackson @Mclivinho

Fast rising R&B vocalist Damar Jackson is assisted by MC Livinho to see what you’re working with “Before” catching any deep rooted feelings. Damar Jackson has become a top R&B voice, especially in the south. Years of features are soon to release as well as two compilation projects, and an Unfaithful follow-up that he claims is his finest writing and …

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