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(New Video)-@devinjames96 Cut A Rug Produced By @TonyOzier and @ThatGuyAgyei

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“Cut a Rug” is the next Swing Hop endeavor with Devin “Gatsby” James seeking out the production expertise of doo-doo funk creator Tony Ozier, whom then called upon the wicked licks of guitar mastermind Agyei Marshall to put some rockabilly swag on it. The end result these three have come up with is a super-swingin’ foot tapper that simply makes …

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(New Audio)-@TonyDelFreshco LowKey

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Houston’s Tony Del FreshCo debuts a new cut from off his upcoming “How Did We Get Here” EP entitled “LowKey”. Fellow Texan J Nas helps bring another level of intrigue to Tony’s story consisting of infidelity and relationship issues. Trap Barry White keeps it trill once again over a booming bass line. Listen to “LowKey” in it’s entirety below.

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