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(New EP)-@ItsOnlyDevon Empty Promises

Wisconsin singer Devon Alexander delivers his new EP “Empty Promises” and let’s his emotions run wild. Placed among the lines of electric R&B, the four track project features Jared Evan, Steezefield and Jaiden. The full EP is available to stream below.

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(New Album)-@ChampagneDuane and @CeeGoodsSmacks The Campaign

Champagne Duane and Cee Goods head out to the podium together for “The Campaign”, a ten track collab effort. The album is politically charged and touches on topics such as gun violence and inequality. “The Campaign” carries guest features from Saeeda Wright, Nehemiah Booker, Wynne, Elin Skei, Champagne James and Jonny Cool. Press play below and get woke by the …

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