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Grand Opus defines the mathematics behind being the mic controller on “The MC” and debut new 12 track album, “High Power” – @GrandOpusCA

Since the late 70’s Hip-Hop culture has been a source of empowerment for communities without a voice, giving the unheard and ignored a platform to connect and fully express themselves through the language of art. In comes “High Power”, the aptly titled sophomore album from one of California’s best kept secrets, emcee / producer duo, Grand Opus [Joc Scholar & …

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Damar Jackson and MC Livinho need to know what you can do behind closed doors “Before” falling in love – @damarjackson @Mclivinho

Fast rising R&B vocalist Damar Jackson is assisted by MC Livinho to see what you’re working with “Before” catching any deep rooted feelings. Damar Jackson has become a top R&B voice, especially in the south. Years of features are soon to release as well as two compilation projects, and an Unfaithful follow-up that he claims is his finest writing and …

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Rap-A-Lot Records Founder J Prince defines The Art & Science of Respect on PoPolitickin – @jprincerespect @popolitickin


In this episode of PoPolitickin, Po speaks with the one and only, J Prince. For decades, serial entrepreneur James Prince presided over Rap-A-Lot Records, one of the first and most successful independent rap labels. In his memoir, he explains how he earned his reputation as one of the most respected men in Hip Hop. By staying true to his three …

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