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(New Audio)-@SammyAdams – Shining

Sammy Adams launched his career in 2009, from his dorm room at Trinity College in Connecticut with the track “I Hate College”; a remix to Asher Roth’s “I Love College”. From there his career sky rocketed, signing with Sony’s RCA label, and knocking out of the park singles like “Driving Me Crazy”, “LA Story”, “All Night Longer” and even appearing …

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(New Album)-@Ant_Reischman – Savage

Emerging Long Island artist Ant Reisch plans to prove all his doubters wrong and starts with his debut album titled “Savage.” Ant calls for Emilio Rojas, Clef Dollaz, Jordan Hollywood and more as guest features for the 14-track LP.

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(New Video)-@ArizonaDuce – Golden

Arizona Duce provides some major keys via his latest visual effort, “Golden”. Filmed by Benji Filmz, the video finds the New Jersey mainstay posted up aside a BMW with a fellow cohort as Duce delivers fourteen carat greatness. The song’s main focus is staying true to one self and not falling victim to the fakeness of today’s world. “Golden” is …

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