BuzzN iNterview With AyooCheveyo (@AyooCheveyo)

From Madison by way of Chicago emerges a new face to the Hip Hip scene. He’s currently kicking off a campaign to back his new album entitled “Comeupits”, the second installment to a four part mini-series. His flow varies and can be compared to artists such as Lil Yachty and Pacewon. That’s a night and day comparison by far but AyooCheveyo is bridging the gap between the modern day music and golden age content. Join us as we speak with Ayoo about his name origin, the four part album series and much more in this edition of our BuzzN iNterview segment.

GYBU: You’re a Chicago native but recently became a Madison resident. What lead you to relocate?

Ayoo Cheveyo: I actually went to High school in Wisconsin. I moved to Watertown my freshmen year cause my pops had my sister and I wanted to be in her life. I was always back home though me and my family are real close.

AyooCheveyo is quite a unique moniker. We’re all dying to know what the origins are behind such a name. How does your rap name reflect you as an artist?

Up until my sophomore year, I was going by Lucky-Jay cause I had just lost my homie, Lucky. I was in Madison one day in like 2013, catching a bus to Rockford to get back to Chicago. This lady and her husband were like $10 dollars short to get on the bus. Literally everyone walked past them, I did at first too no lie. But when I was getting on, I ended up giving them the ten. They were so grateful that they started calling me Cheveyo. I instantly looked it up and felt like I fit those traits.

Ayoo was just something people said when they saw me. I think one of my teachers in high school actually started that’d people just subconsciously started doing it. my name reflects my art like a mirror, the name Cheveyo’s traits are idealistic and someone who like to seek peace so they can just analyze whats going on around them. That’s how I create.

So before going in depth on the first two albums of the series you have planned, please enlighten us on things. What is the official title of the series and what is the back story behind it all Ayoo?

The official title of the series is “Ayoo Cheveyo Presents: Iso-Duo”. Every since a kid I wanted to write rhymes but not to get famous; to get better. I would love to blow up off anything release but I started to search for my own form. That’s where the Iso-Duo idea came from, kinda like 1+1=1 and me, myself and I. Ayoo Cheveyo Presents is a tag I put on anything released too, i want that to be a big thing someday people waiting for that next ACP drop! (Laughs)

The first of the four albums to drop was “Someday”. This was a five song EP effort and also features “Woke Up”, which also landed on “Comeupits”. From what I understand, “Someday” was released first BUT it actually is the second album of the four. “Comeupits” is the second release but comes first chronologically. Why did you decide to go “Star Wars” on us with the order of things? (Laughs) Also, what’s the significance of “Woke Up” being featured on both albums, is there a secret meaning behind it?

(Laughs) I actually got that idea from “Pulp Fiction”, how the chapters are kind of out of order. I’ve been working on this since the seventh grade. I came up with the names of albums first. Then, I started writing “Comeupits” first but finished “Someday” beforehand. If you listen to “Comeupits” then “Someday”, “Woke Up” is the last song on Comeupits and the first song on Someday.

Now that we have a good understanding behind the order of things, let’s talk briefly about “Someday”. What producers did you work with on it? Of all five songs, which is your favorite and why?

The only producer on” Someday” was my homie, Kony2120. On “Comeupits”, we have Kony2120, BEAM THEORY, FEEL GOODD, Benji and indigosauce. My favorite song is “Someday”, I love that chorus and when I perform it live, it’s the one I can sing the best. (Laughs)

GYBU recently premiered “Comeupits” on our Audiomack page. This also happened to be my first time hearing your music. Compared to “Someday”, you seem to be experimenting alot more with different genres with this project. It’s been about a year between drop dates also. Comparing albums, what differed creatively for you going in to record “Comeupits”?

To be honest, nothing much. Both had already been written, it was just finding the beats.

We recently did an album review for “Comeupits” and really took an interest to some of it’s songs. One namely being a song called “The Block Forgot Him Longer”. It’s obvious that Chicago played a heavy influence in your lyrics here. Your story telling skills also shine brightly on the track. What’s the back story on this one Ayoo?

This one is about the perspective in Chicago, about the company you keep and how you hold your own. In the first verse, it’s a kid whose shunned for being different. The block gave him no love so when he left, he did that in return. Now people from the block see him on and they’re mad because he didn’t give back.

In my last verse it’s about somebody who gave/got love from the block but the block kept killing his homies. I wanna see my city do better. So in order to do that, we have to understand everyone’s views and try to come up with something that will change the current position we’re in. Shout out to Hakeem Raahil also, the first person to put me on a song when I was like 11 years old.

With the album now available, can we expect to see any videos coming soon? I’d personally love to see visuals to back songs like “The Block Forgot Him Longer” and “Rock Ya Body”. Perhaps you have some performances coming up? Let us know what you have going on for the rest of 2017.

Benji and I are about doing something for “Rock Ya Body”. We just finished the project so now I’m ready to dive in to any and every opportunity that present itself. The rest of 2017 is shows, singles and new collaborations.

For anyone looking to hear more of your music or keep updated on future endeavors, where can our viewers find you online?

Facebook: Ayoo Cheveyo

IG: Officialayoocheveyo

Soundcloud: Ayoo Cheveyo

Twitter: Ayoo Cheveyo

I’ll also soon be found on Spotify.

We want to wish you luck with the series AyooCheveyo and we hope you get settled in well in Madison. At this time, we’d like to give you the podium and add in some final last words before we let you get back to things.

Thanks man and I just want to thank everyone who has supported me.  Shoutout to my cousin Ashley for listening to every song multiple times. S/O to all my producers on “Comeupits”, we got Kony2120, BEAM THEORY, FEEL GOODD, Benji, Jay O.B.E and indigosauce. Big shout out to BEAM THEORY. Thanks to Afrah for listening and giving feedback. Support you local artists and don’t be late to the bandwagon.

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