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BuzzN iNterview With Jamel Deon – @Jamel_Deon

Jamel Deon

We’re back with another installment in our GYBU “BuzzN iNterview” segments. This time, we head way out west to Sin City aka Las Vegas, Nevada to speak with Jamel Deon. His rap skills have earned him the moniker of The Pen Prodigy all the while teaming up high school buddy, K.A.T.O., to form the duo known as Kinfolk Kollab. Most …

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BuzzN iNterview With Alec Bolen – @AlenBolec

Alec Bolen

Alec Bolen has now set out on a quest to cross over from a mere Soundcloud artist into the ever so popular digital streaming world. The course leading up to this journey started roughly two years ago, the Oregon emcee has released a total of three projects. Those include “These Walls”, “Celestial” (a tribute to Netherlands producer, Moods) and his …

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BuzzN iNterview With Ant Ohso Dank (@LookAntOhSoDank)

Newly emerging artist Ant Ohso Dank hails from the small town of Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Having endured a mass amount of turmoil and stress growing up, Ant made a covenant to himself to never end up boxed up again in those situations if he could prevent it. His first official video, “6 Days” revisits those days and his newly found route. …

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BuzzN iNterview With AyooCheveyo (@AyooCheveyo)

From Madison by way of Chicago emerges a new face to the Hip Hip scene. He’s currently kicking off a campaign to back his new album entitled “Comeupits”, the second installment to a four part mini-series. His flow varies and can be compared to artists such as Lil Yachty and Pacewon. That’s a night and day comparison by far but …

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BuzzN iNterview With @DollaBlackBDE

Dolla Black

In the thriving land of newly found artists out of Jackson, Mississippi comes one of it’s lead off characters; Dolla Black. Not new to the music scene however, Black first got his tastes of music alongside his cousin La Roc back around 2010. Since that time, the Midwesterner has gone on to launch an impressive line of projects, started his …

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BuzzN iNterview With Peter James (@PeterJamesMusic)

For this edition of our “BuzzN” iNterview series, we travel over to the city of Boston to speak with Peter James, a rising emcee with a very laid back delivery. Don’t let that fool you though, Peter has massive lyrical stamina and is able to present it in a fashion that will also easily catch the ladies attention. He dropped …

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BuzzN iNterview with DaTBoYZ3L (@DaTBoYZ3L)

DaTBoYZ3L is a Hip Hop artist from Jackson, Tennessee who first got involved in music as one half of ZeL&MiKey. Inspired by such great artists like Tupac, Bone Thugs and DMX, he now finds himself traveling the path of a solo artist. Wasting no time, the young artist hit the studio with producer Let That Boy Cook to whip up …

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BuzzN iNterview With Kir (@Tharealkir)

For this edition of our BuzzN iNterview series, we travel out to the East Coast and land in Philly. The city has birthed a long line of talent such as State Property, The Roots, Cassidy and the list goes on. Today’s artist goes by the name of Kir, who recently premiered his latest musical offering by the name of “Legendary” …

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BuzzN iNterview With The Dirty 6 Thirty (@TheDirty6Thirty)

For this edition of our BuzzN iNterview series, we land in the 630 area code of Illinois to speak with a newly emerged group consisting of cousins Chris Hasty and Damien Prophet. Both have done previous solo works before the group, With Chris having extensive performance experience. They are joined by rapper Young Turtle, manager Tom Hinkey & producers 905 …

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BuzzN iNterview With Clever One (@MCCleverOne)

Our following guest is known predominately for his skull fracturing lyricism alongside the famed Chicago Hip Hop label, Seven Oddities Records. Here you can find him serving as one of the most active artists on the roster. However, true fans of the crew know that Clever One can also hold his own among the solo circuit. With two previous releases …

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