Tips To Get Your Buzz Up

Producer of Panda talks Kanye West, selling the beat for $200 @OfficialMenaceB W/ @DJPain1 #GetYourBuzzUp #Panda

Desiigner’s song “Panda,” released back in December of last year, took its time becoming a hit.  Now that it’s number one on the Billboard’s Hot 100 charts (which was announced as I typed this article), the subject of a ton of controversy and of course, a song still regarded as somewhat of a mystery by listeners of The Life of …

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Tips To Get Your Buzz Up W/ @DJPain1 “Never Give Away Free Beats? (Hip-Hop producers are weak minded pt 2)”

DJ Pain 1 sparked a major controversy when he declared that hip-hop producers were “weak-minded” for creating a culture in which beats are devalued. Now he is returning to clear up his original statements, discuss ways producers can give out free beats while still growing their careers, and addressing the critics, including well-known producer Anno Domini.

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