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(New Audio)-@themaineltee – Tatafo

“Tatafo” is the latest in a series of releases from Nigerian singer/songwriter/dancer/choreographer, ELTEE. A master of Afrobeat and Afropop, ELTEE’s latest offering blends those and Jazz into one energetic track. This expansion into another genre signals the unlimited growth potential of this rising artist, and marking him as a musician to keep an eye on. “Tatafo” is a bright, uplifting …

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(New Audio)-@MrJohnBurkett – Changes

Jonathan Burkett is a Hip Hop artist from Miami, Florida. His talents don’t stop at music. He’s also an athlete, poet and author who has recently released his book, “Neglected But Undefeated”. His latest single, “Changes” features gorgeous vocals from singer, Polanca. Jonathan’s inspiring lyrics for “Changes” spur listeners to be the positive change they want to see in their …

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