WallStreet Wes delivering a poem

wallstreet_wes_gmtd, from prison to poet laureate.

Wesley Robinson better known as WallStreet Wes, is the ultimate success story. Spending time in prison can shape people in many different ways, for Wes prison was the catalyst he needed to change his life for the best. Using his time behind bars to learn a new skill Wes has exceeded all expectations of what a former inmate can become.

Poetry isn’t just an art form it also serves as a release for those who choose to create. WallStreet Wes found poetry during his incarceration. Using the gift of written language not only to express himself but as a tool to aid his mental health.

Realizing the power of poetry Wes began teaching other inmates the skill as well, in hopes to improve their overall understanding of themselves as well as a tool to aid their own mental health. It was during this time that Wes was deemed the Poets Laureate of the prison system. A position he still proudly holds to this day.

Recidivism was never going to be a problem for WallStreet. Since his time in prison has ended Wes has gone on to become a successful business owner, event host, educator, and creator.

His compassion for people and passion to serve others have allowed him to become a major influence in the Cleveland, OH area.

Becoming certified by the Cleveland Clinic in Mental Health and First Aid have allowed Wes to partner with New Visions Unlimited (Mental Health Services) and become sponsored by Comma Club Clothing.

The award-winning poet is open for booking across the country. Inspiring, thought provoking, wise and powerful are just a few of the words used to describe the Poet who rose from the prison system.

You can catch up with Wes on IG. https://www.instagram.com/wallstreet_wes_gmtd/

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