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Justina Valentine makes it apparent that she “Just Don’t Give A Fuck” in Eminem remake – @JustinaMusic

Justina Valentine drops the second visual from her “Feminem” mixtape with the Slim Shady inspired, “Just Don’t Give A Fuck”. Not only is Valentine on the field in a male dominated sport, she’s out here breaking ankles. Known for her writing ability and her off-the-top freestyles, Justina is a fan favorite on Nick Cannon’s “Wild ‘N Out” on MTV. You can …

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Adrian Gamboa gets a Sterling Hampton visual treatment for the self-produced, “You Pt. II” – @agnotforsale

Riverside-born recording artist Adrian Gamboa is back with the visuals for his popular “You Pt. II” track. The rich, soulful hip hop track is slow, relaxed, and tells a story of a breakup. He flexes his storytelling abilities and unparalleled relatability on the track. The Sterling Hampton-directed visuals bring the song to life with a short tale of a relationship …

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Daytona & Kent Jupiter moonwalk on the shore line of Hawaii in “Litmoon” – @saintxgodfrey @KentJupiter

Kent Jupiter and Daytona are originally Northern US natives but migrated down south to Virginia. Never seeing eye to eye in their younger days, Kent and Daytona put their differences aside and joined forces in January of 2016 to create their own genre of Hip Hop dubbed ‘Godspeed’. Daytona’s raspy and infectious verses coordinate perfectly with Kent’s multi-pitched flows and …

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