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A picture is worth a thousand words but in Gypsy’s case, it’s a 5 track EP entitled “Develop in the Dark” –


Los Angeles multi-talented recording artist Gypsy releases her debut EP “Develop in the Dark” delivering five tracks that perfectly encapsulate her entire ethos, creating a soundtrack to her very own magical intergalactic space. Throughout the entire project, Gypsy fuses elements of complete opposites together with the outcome resulting in a unique, ethereal sound that defies all sonic worlds. Her huge …

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KILLXORA – Super Villain @killxora

KILLXORA’s “Super Villain” starts off with a very relaxing beat and sample, then kicks off with a super catchy hook, throughout the entire song you’ll catch yourself head bumping and even feeling “hyped” up without even trying. Overall a well put together song. KILLXORA is a 19 year old artist out of Ontario, Canada. He attacks the new age rap …

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Tommy Thirteen – Did You? @RIP0riginal13

“Did You?” is a song created by Tommy Thirteen and his hometown friend Jordan (Jordan1) which speaks about both of their past struggles with drug abuse and relationships. Tommy Thirteen is an artist raised in Des Moines, Iowa who has managed to perfectly mix the styles of his personal favorite artists to create an alternative Punk Rock sound unheard by …

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Trip – Always Lookin Fly As Fuck @TripleYoThreat

“Always Lookin Fly As Fuck” is a music video that chronicles a day in the life of Trip. Meet the 22 year old, fiery and provocative – Trip – a new South Asian rapper from Los Angeles. New to the scene yet experienced, Trip has been rapping since 2014 due to a very peculiar turn of events. He released his …

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P3$0 – Halloween @P3soSoForeign

For PE$O’s long awaited return to music, he gifts us a video for “Halloween”, showing his unique sound. P3$0’s mom was a big hip-hop head back in the day. She played everything on her huge speakers — from Biggie to Nas; Tupac to Usher. As early as age three, P3$0’s go-to toy was a microphone and he’s been passionate about …

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