Contrary to their beliefs, Seth Dyer can stand all on his own and doesn’t “Need Em” whatsoever – @SethDyer_EV

Toronto born artist, producer and engineer, Seth Dyer, boast self-reliance and independence with his new distortion filled single “Need Em”. The Taro Beats and Dyer produced single is the first release from Dyer’s upcoming debut album, “ACT ONE – OUTCAST”. Chxrly Prince and Seth Dyer take director credits with shooting and editing provided by Focuzed Vision.

Dyer’s job as a sound engineer helped create the inspiration behind “Need Em.” The studios and people he was working with wanted him to stay in the engineer seat and not pursue his own music, Dyer says, “they made it seem like I needed them and that I would have to put artistry on the back burner to work for their interest.” Dyer chose to pursue artistry and soon amassed over 2 million Spotify streams. He believes he made the right decision.

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