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“Champagne and Turbulence” is the breakout, debut album from Chicago artist, First Class Bee – @firstclassbee

First Class Bee

Chicago, Illinois rapper First Class Bee is making his way into the industry. He takes listeners on a first class trip in his debut project, “Champagne and Turbulence”. The project is a strong debut where Bee shows off his effortless bars and powerful lyrical abilities. In the project, he demonstrates that his life is just as luxury as his raps. …

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“What Ca$his Bout”, take a moment to find out as the Shady Records alum explains in his latest flick – @TheRealCashis

Some of us are born destined for stardom and while he has experienced just about everything the music industry can throw at you over the course of the last decade; Ca$his certainly falls into this category. Discovered as a teenager, Ca$his ascension happened rapidly, as he was signed by Shady Records and thrust into a starring role as Eminem’s new …

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“Christopher Columbus” is the loose theme of Bryson Green’s latest and entertaining visual release – @BGreenGoGreen

Bryson Green issues his new single and video titled “Christopher Columbus.” Filmed in Atlanta and directed by B Green, the music video contrasts black and white, the western world and the eastern world, the modern and the ancient. B Green is a star on the rise, and the self-produced “Christopher Columbus” is the reason why. Tap in below. Kamagra without …

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SASH and posse get high as hell in a bright yellow Mercedes SUV in the video behind “Moving Reckless”

Ahead of his debut studio album that’s currently in the works — New York artist SASH issues a new self-directed video titled “Moving Reckless.” The visual was co-directed by Bawwse with cinematic assistance from Mike Koziel. Press play below.

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