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Exclusive Interview w/ Producer @MightyFuzzYoung

Yo Mighty Fuzz! What’s up? Everything is great, grinding 24/7/365…no time to sleep. Ambien is not an option (lol). What have you been up to in the game? Well I put out my original compilation in 2007, “For My Generals”, which received really good reviews. I worked with a few Hip Hop legends like Tragedy Khadafi and Jaz-O…did a joint …

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New Interview w/ AdeLA

Tell us about you and your movement My name is AdELA, I’m an independent artist out of South Florida.  Originally born in South Africa. When did you start to develop your artistry? I’ve been developing my artistry from a young age.  I’ve been singing as long as I can remember.  When I really started pursuing music, is around the same …

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