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New ‘Buzzin’ Interview w/ @iLLaJthegreat

Hip hop (or electro, or R&B, or pop, or bossanova…or whatever) artist iLLA just released his latest project, entitled “Van Gogh The Mixtape.” Backed by,, and, “Van Gogh” combines a collection of different styles of music, which represent a further journey into the mind of the eclectic next-generation artist. How did you get to where you are …

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New ‘Buzzin’ Interview w/ Lil Fats CEO Of @Coast2CoastMag

Since its beginning in 2006, Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes has grown rapidly to become the most downloaded mixtape series in the world. Coast 2 Coast not only releases its own weekly mixtape hosted by a major artist, but has become the go-to company for indie artists to promote their music projects. With a growing DJ coalition and a yearly must-attend …

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