Slopes lets it be known that he has no issues cutting people lose on “Give You Up” – @slopesgang


Slopes’ latest release, “Give You Up”, is a dark and bouncy track that offers a catchy hook as well as an almost drug-induced bridge, produced by Taylor King. Slopes is a self-taught musician and producer from Brooklyn, New York. With a melancholy yet upbeat sound and influences ranging from Tame Impala to Lil Uzi Vert, Slopes incorporates a blend of …

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Lancing Ruel speaks vividly about his love for Louisiana women on “Louisiana’d” @lancingruel

Lancing Ruel

Checking in from the Mississippi region is Lancing Ruel with an ode to the women of Louisiana on the illustriously produced Snack Beats, “Louisiana’d”. The twenty year old Ruel calls the Diamondhead section of Mississippi home but finds his yearning for Louisiana women the topic of discussion on his latest single, “Louisiana’d”. Snack Beats provides the soundtrack here that walks …

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Trev more than proves he has a “Visionary” mindset on new song with Reeves Junya – @youngsiebold2 @ReevesJunya


“Visionary” displays Trev’s ability as not only a gifted lyricist but also showcases the many ways in which he can manipulate his flow at the drop of a dime. The single also features Minneapolis mainstay and “Alienz Only” co-founder, Reeves Junya. He supplies an uplifting second verse that raises the track to new heights. Together, Trev and Reeves have crafted …

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Y3WRU debuts “Sleepy Hollow”, the lead single from his upcoming album, “No Sad Faces: Chapter 1” – @Fl0wF0rEveR

Y3WRU teams with Bravo for the Joshua Petruccio produced “Sleepy Hollow” single. The song will be found on his upcoming project, “No Sad Faces: Chapter 1”. Y3WRU remembers sitting in the lunchroom at school – writing; freestyling with friends on the way to and from school, and battling in the courtyard. His punchlines garnered laughs. In class, his peers were …

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CARTELLI has that iron tucked up in their “DENIM” as heard on their dark, Wondagurl single – @paulblancobain @cartellidave


CARTELLI has released their eagerly awaited single “DENIM”, written by members PaulBlanco and Davelost. The single brings you an aggressive barrage of melodies with a high energy performance from this reckless duo. Combined with the cold and eerie production of WondaGurl, Cartelli’s melodic tenacity and ill intent makes them a force to be reckoned with, stating that they still don’t …

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“People Watch” Young Troubled Minds and Curly Chuck walk in the building and own it – @ytm216

Young Troubled Minds

Young Troubled Minds’ new single “People Watch” serves as a high energy record for the people; a collaboration between the YTM and fellow Cleveland artist, Curly Chuck Writing, recording, producing and mixing all of their own music; Cleveland’s Young Troubled Minds are in full control of their sound. The group started in 2011 as a duo formed by brothers Pro …

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