Sound of Kalima and Isabella debut their four track collaboration EP, “Gone” – Sound of Kalima – “Gone” @TheRealKalima

“Gone” is a four-track EP released by Sound of Kalima staring breakout singer, Isabella. The first three tracks of the EP discuss the musings of someone who has lost something either within them or something that’s external such as a partner or the dissolution of a relationship. The last song, “Solstice”, describes the moment when the main character has found what they need and feels cleansed. However, the song ends with an incomplete question therefore not fully resolving leaving the listener asking the questions themselves and hopefully discovering their own truth.

Sound of Kalima is a group of international musicians based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. With no respect for the limitations of genre, Kalima bridges the gap between electronic, hip hop, soul and dance music. Their biggest challenge is to maintain a human feel in electronic music, while creating something that will keep you bobbing your head.

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