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Lancing Ruel speaks vividly about his love for Louisiana women on “Louisiana’d” @lancingruel

Lancing Ruel

Checking in from the Mississippi region is Lancing Ruel with an ode to the women of Louisiana on the illustriously produced Snack Beats, “Louisiana’d”. The twenty year old Ruel calls the Diamondhead section of Mississippi home but finds his yearning for Louisiana women the topic of discussion on his latest single, “Louisiana’d”. Snack Beats provides the soundtrack here that walks …

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“People Watch” Young Troubled Minds and Curly Chuck walk in the building and own it – @ytm216

Young Troubled Minds

Young Troubled Minds’ new single “People Watch” serves as a high energy record for the people; a collaboration between the YTM and fellow Cleveland artist, Curly Chuck Writing, recording, producing and mixing all of their own music; Cleveland’s Young Troubled Minds are in full control of their sound. The group started in 2011 as a duo formed by brothers Pro …

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The Dushman presents “Candy”, giving us a taste of his South African charm – @THEDUSHMAN


The Dushman comes to us by way of Durban, South Africa with a global strip club anthem titled “Candy”, featuring guest appearances from Prime Zulu & Senzo Armour. The TDM Music Group extraordinaire details his lustful desires of a certain adult dancer who has ultimately seduced him with her exquisite pole movements. He compares her to the sweet, irresistible sugary …

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(New Audio)-@SammyAdams – Shining

Sammy Adams launched his career in 2009, from his dorm room at Trinity College in Connecticut with the track “I Hate College”; a remix to Asher Roth’s “I Love College”. From there his career sky rocketed, signing with Sony’s RCA label, and knocking out of the park singles like “Driving Me Crazy”, “LA Story”, “All Night Longer” and even appearing …

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(New Audio)-@cashmanp_ Cause I Got It

When you have what it takes to win, there’s very few limitations standing in your way. Boston, Massachusetts rapper Ca$hMan P lives that lifestyle and speaks about the subject on the Halftime Beatz-produced, “Cause I Got It”. A synth arpeggio lays over subtle strings which sets the Massachusetts go getter into overdrive. A self-described entrepreneur, P has now opened for …

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(New Audio)-@NigelRoxbury Get Through (Produced By Donato)

With the eighties-based sounds of producer Donato, Austin upcomer Nigel Roxbury delivers the ideal song for you to “Get Through” a gloomy day. Together as a duo, they achieve a sound that can be compared along the lines of a Timbaland radio single. As an added bonus, Roxbury has made the song available as a free download via his Soundcloud …

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(New Audio)-@pagekennedy Ft @iamKingLos @mRpOrTeR7 and @Royceda59 Testing Me

After the heated exchange of words with Lil Yachty via Twitter and debuting the controversial “No Offense” video, Page Kennedy follows that same tone on “Testing Me” and contracts the lyrically gifted King Los along with Detroit legends, Royce Da 5’9″ and Denaun Porter. Over some tough drums and an eerie piano melody, the foursome tear down the booth with …

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