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DJ Straxger releases his “Gang Active” video while promoting his beat store – @djstraxger

Gang Active

DJ Straxger is a producer, rapper and DJ based in Rockford, Illinois. He’s influenced by legends like DJ Quik, Guru and Rakim. However, his biggest influence is channeled from funk bands such as Parliament-Funkadelic. Aside from this, the Midwest talent owns his own label, Brain Washed Records. He’s currently campaigning his latest video, the street-influenced, “Gang Active”. The song is …

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(New Audio)-@DjustinMcFly Fast Food and No Sleep (Produced By @DJBrickRock)

The Last Wordbender is gearing up to release his upcoming “Rumble In The Rock” albumin Spring. In doing so, he delivers the lead off single, “Fast Food & No Sleep”. Wordbender once again pairs with fellow Rockford, Illinois producer, DJ BrickRock. We first got a taste of what these two could do on TLW’s debut album, “The B-Side Love Songs”. Following …

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(New Audio)-@DjustinMcFly 2 Love U (Produced By @DJBrickRock)

Midwest Hip-Hop artist The Last Wordbender teams with frequent collaborator DJ BrickRock for the Soul-sampled driven, “2 Love U”. A special song for Wordbender, he wrote this for his wife and performed it at their wedding this past November. BrickRock is in his zone as he provides TLW with the perfect canvas to wax poetics about his love supreme. Listen …

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(New Audio)-@DjustinMcFly x @DJBrickRock So Fresh (Back Looks like an Apple)

Hip Hop artist The Last Wordbender releases “So Fresh (Back Looks Like an Apple)”, a collaborative effort with producer DJ BrickRock. The producer draws from his background in House music production to create a Daft Punk-inspired sound bed for Wordbender to wax poetics about the opposite sex. The result is a danceable track with lyricism reminiscent of early 2000 summertime …

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(New Audio)-@artoffact815 and @UNO_815 Ft @DjustinMcFly RTC VI Prod By @DJBrickRock

The Last Wordbender features on Round Table Cypher 6 (Produced by DJ BrickRock), a brand new single from Rockford, Illinois emcees, Artoffact & Uno. Jeremy Simerson (Artoffact) was originally born in Memphis, TN and met Paul Wallis (Uno), originally from Rockford, IL, at a mutual friend’s party. After a few practice sessions they began to record their first project titled …

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(New Audio)-@DjustinMcFly #Jasmine Prod By @DJBrickRock

“Jasmine” is a never-before-heard song from “The B-Side Love Songs” recording sessions. Keeping consistent with the sound of the album, DJ BrickRock provides a soulful backdrop on which The Last Wordbender tells the story of pursuing a girl from a higher social class, using the metaphor of a loveable street rat pursuing a well-known princess. “Jasmine” is available to stream …

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