Exclusive Interview W/ @MikeBars By @blitzb_60505

Blitz B had the opportunity to link up with the ultra talented Mike Bars for this GYBU exclusive interview while Bars was vacationing in Chicago recently. Check in as the fellas go into details such as Mike’s recent videos, his affiliations and his upcoming project “16 Bars”.

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  1. I don’t know what he’s talking about with the “I’m not a singer,” cause the dude can sing. Mike Bars has such a strong fan base not only because of his excessive amount of talent but also because he interacts with them. You know he’s a genuinely greatful for the amount of support he receives. It’s not often you come across someone who can sing as well as they rap. I hope everyone spreads the love and support to make this talented mans dream come true.

  2. Agreed with Emily. Mike deserves to be spread out and known. He works his ass off and delivers for his fans. Suuuper good rapper and singer. Its crazy how personable he is with his fans. Keep up the good work Mike.. You’ll be huge one day.. Watch out! 🙂

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