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Exclusive Interview W/ @MikeBars By @blitzb_60505

Blitz B had the opportunity to link up with the ultra talented Mike Bars for this GYBU exclusive interview while Bars was vacationing in Chicago recently. Check in as the fellas go into details such as Mike’s recent videos, his affiliations and his upcoming project “16 Bars”.

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(New Interview)-@GradeAPRODUCER “Get Your Buzz Up #2”

-Grade A “Get Your Buzz Up” Interview- What’s new Grade A? Let the people know where you’re from and what it is you do? A) What’s good fam? I am a producer from NYC formerly known as Adrenaline Blaze. I just recently made the change to Grade Adrenaline. When did you start making beats? What equipment did you start out …

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Get Your Buzz Up Exclusive W/ @humanzoogodilla

Godilla the ill MC out of Easton, PA is an animal right now when it comes to music. Not following the industry’s formula and just being himself, Godilla is right now an animal in a cage. With the new album “Battle Beast: A Prelude to Human Zoo, expect a dosage of raw hip-hop production and an album of lyrical mastery. …

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