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Godilla the ill MC out of Easton, PA is an animal right now when it comes to music. Not following the industry’s formula and just being himself, Godilla is right now an animal in a cage. With the new album “Battle Beast: A Prelude to Human Zoo, expect a dosage of raw hip-hop production and an album of lyrical mastery. Godilla just loves being an emcee true to hip-hop which is why he says childhood monster Godzilla influenced him.

Redphone Records is the label he’s down with which gives him creative freedom. With raw material out now with videos such as “Hand Signs” and “Cobra Commander” the untamed beast in Godilla is out, so hip-hop fans look out.

When I hear the name Godilla and when it first came across my eyes, I think of Godzilla. Is Godzilla some type of influence with your name?

Yes I’ve always been a Godzilla fan since a kid. I figured who spits hotter than Godzilla? So I just took the Z out the name so I wouldn’t have any copyright issues and ran with the name.

I see your down with the Redphone Records team, how did this deal happen. What you love most about working with them and why is this relationship so strong. Well I did some work with Just-1 and Born Visionz for the “Weapons of Mass Awareness” compilation. I liked what they were doing with Matt Maddox at the time and liked the fact the label had different kind of acts. The label doesn’t have one signature sound, which is rare in this day and age. I saw the creative freedom the artists had and it just seemed like a perfect fit.

Yeah because the album Battle Beast is real rough and raw hip-hop. You was going hard on a lot of the records and the video “Hand Signs” is sick. What was your recipe when putting this together?

I just wanted to bring back that classic boom-boom bap east coast sound. In my opinion the east coast has lost a lot of it’s identity.There’s such a formula to the music now. I wanted to take it back to the essence with raw lyrics, hard hitting beats and a dj holding me down.

Redphone Records goes overseas a lot as well and I’m sure you like to perform. Describe the energy overseas compared to here in the United States?

I haven’t had the opportunity to go overseas yet, but the reception from the shows I’ve done promoting the new album has been amazing. The crowd seems to really get into it. I’m sure the response overseas will be that much stronger being that they are really into the type of formula I’m using.

Now that record you have “Cobra Commander” goes hard. The beat is very dark and ill with nice lyrics. I know this has to be one of your favorite records from the album.

Yes it has one those beats that just grab you from the get go. I had a lot of fun recording that one. Shout out to Tone Liv and Fascist Beats for making that record happen with me. That seems to be a fan favorite.

Battle Beast, catchy name, is battling something you were known for where you come from?

Actually the name comes from an inside joke. At the time I was using a lot of animal references in my rhymes and the homie Adlib said was calling me “beast master”. So I took it and flipped it. Battle Beast was an old toy line that was relevant when I was a kid. So I just incorporated it into the movement I have called “Human Zoo”.

A Prelude to Human Zoo, breakdown exactly what you refer to when you say that?

“Human Zoo” refers to Mc’s who don’t worry about the industry’s formula and just go beast mode with their spit game. “Human Zoo” is also my next album and will be my true solo effort. This “Battle Beast” was more like a Godilla and friends album. I got a lot of support from my peers so I decided to incorporate that support into the record.

It a lot of dope artist out right now, and I’m sure you have more projects on the way. Throw out some names on who you would like to rock a record with and some on the way with your new material?

I’ve been blessed to work with some of my favorite artists. There are a few that I still have on that wish list. MC wise I would love to work with Agallah, AZ, Masta Ace and AG. Production wise I would have to say Sid Roams, Premo, Knottz and DJ Khalil.

Thanks for getting down with us on this interview, any final word for the fans?

No problem, thanks for your time. I would just like to let the fans know that real authentic Hip-Hop is not dead. There are still brothers like myself who actually try to push the envelope and keep things interesting for the art. S/o to my Freedom 30/FU click, everyone @RPR, The Dead Rabbits and the good people @Crmnl Elements.

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