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Jamal Gasol and Benny the Butcher are here to let us know “It Ain’t Safe” out in the New York City streets – @WhoIsJamalGasol @realDHawks

Any day can be your last day in the streets of New York as Jamal Gasol and Benny the Butcher bring that statement to life in the official music video for “It Ain’t Safe”. Produced by Quis Star, Gasol & Butcher lay their verses over the instrumental while Real D Hawks takes care of the visuals, shooting the movie like …

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Caulfield slips into his horror movie persona on “No F*cks Given”


Caulfield is an American Hip Hop artist from Athens, Georgia whose recent EP, “Under the Influence” has taken social media by storm. Grabbing the attentions of fans nationwide, Caulfield’s independent rise has afforded him opportunities to perform at renowned venues such as Georgia Theater in his hometown. Before the first quarter of the new year wraps up, Caulfield is ready …

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Epademik and Siccness enter into their rhyming alter ego’s on the “Walter & Whitey” EP – @epademik @siccnessmusic

Walter & Whitney

Southern California’s elite elder statesmen recording artists Epademik and Siccness team up for a lyrically murderous new collaborative EP to combat the commercial mumbling lackluster lyricism that oversaturate today’s Hip-Hop, titled, “Walter & Whitey”. Inspired by popular characters from the cult classic television series, “The Breaking Bad”, Epademik embodies Whitney Dorner and Siccness co-stars as Walter White. ‘Walter and Whitey’ …

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There’s no “Promise” to life so Mantiz is working overtime to make things happen – @mantiz186


Rapper, producer, and engineer Mantiz returns after a brief hiatus with a new smash guaranteed to make noise titled “Promise”. The South Carolina native also produced, mixed and mastered the single. On the catchy single, Mantiz makes promises that he will ride for his family, be great at all he does, and mostly, to remind others that nothing is promised. …

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(New Audio) – @vinaltherapper “Growing Pains”

Growth is a process. As Illinois rapper, Vinal’s journey through life continues, as does the maturation of his music. Taking a deeper look into his past and present and giving an honest account is what happens on his new single “Growing Pains”. Reflecting on everything from former friends to the image he portrays to his children, Vinal keeps it as …

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Dusty Leigh cross breeds “Boogie Nights” and Hip Hop for his new mixtape, “Boujee Nights” – @dustyonu

Boujee Nights

Dusty Leigh’s presents his latest mixtape titled “Boujee Nights” Dusty Leigh is far from your average rapper. He’s white, hails from Louisville, Kentucky and combines the hardcore element of Hip-Hop with the wittiness of Pop. The 24-year-old entertainer prefers to set trends instead of follow them, yet another reason he stands out in his state’s largest city. Dusty’s brand of …

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Breeze Mantana and Phillz Jackson pay respect to the coco on their collab effort – @BreezeMantana @PhillzJackson

Live Long Caine

It’s not often you hear an artist giving thanks to an object. Mount Vernon, NY’s Breeze Mantana is grateful for the stove and his ability to cook on his latest single, “Live Long Caine”. As we prepare for his upcoming “American Greed” album, Breeze enlists the help of fellow artist Phillz Jackson as they pay tribute to the product that …

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In his latest video, Patrick Phanor sees your lips moving but still doesn’t hear “Whatchu Saying Doe?!” – @PatrickPhanor

Patrick Phanor’s critically-acclaimed “Sorry, No Apologies” album has been out for some time now, really bringing forth the light to his name and area of Connecticut. Repping for State of Mind Media Group, Patrick and director Monumental Films takes things to Chinatown for the hard visual for “Whatchu Saying Doe?!” No word on if a new project is on the …

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Austin Royale lets everyone know he is here to “Stay” over a dark Brendan Powers production – @AustinRoyale_

Austin Royale

North Carolina’s Austin Royale has completed recording his long-awaited debut project “PLAN|A”, but isn’t quite ready to let it go just yet, so today he releases an offering from the forthcoming project titled “Stay”. Produced by Brendan Powers, Austin rocked the beat like a champ, allowing us to get to know him a little more with his witty and detailed …

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MC Bravado catches more than just feelings from his homeless lover in the comical “Homegirl” – @MCBravado

“Homegirl”, the latest from MC Bravado, showcases the Baltimore rhyme-sayer’s penchant for off-kilter, comedic storytelling. The song and video offer a very literal interpretation of the word “Homegirl”, as “our hero” falls in love with a young homeless woman, helping her on (and off) her feet in the process. “Homegirl” was directed by Mike Jon, produced by Michael Oliver, and …

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