Chizlonies The Lord

Chizlonies The Lord celebrates ladies worldwide with the release of his “Songs for Women” project – @chizlonies

Chizlonies The Lord

After a month long campaign of hard work, building buzz, and dropping 2 excellent singles, Chizlonies The Lords’ new project, “Songs For Women”, has finally arrived.

“Songs For Women” is more than just an album, it’s our formal introduction to the 25 year multi-faceted artist. The project is full of genre bending music that stays unique, fresh, and exciting throughout. It is a celebration of women pulled into a cohesive story with potent rhymes, diverse production, and emotional storytelling. Chizlonies pulls from his personal experiences with females, singing, rapping, and structuring songs for the utmost audio pleasure. There are songs about love lost and love found, along with upbeat, catchy jams that are a perfect soundtrack for the upcoming summer season. The 9 track LP fittingly ends with song “Honest” as a way of reminding us that he has, and will continue to be throughout his promising music career.

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