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MC Bravado ponders the thought of how much longer he’ll be spitting that “Same Old Song” most of us know – @MCBravado

Two months ago, Maryland emcee MC Bravado released his third album “Like Water For Hangovers”. This hasn’t stopped him from working the circuit and putting in work. Bravado also spent the last few months performing on the Vans Warped Tour. Surely after all this Bravado would take a beat, not here. In his latest music video for “Same Old Song”, …

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MC Bravado proudly presents his third full length album, “Like Water For Hangovers” – @MCBravado

MC Bravado

“Like Water For Hangovers” is the third full-length LP from MC Bravado, Baltimore’s favorite Rapper/English Teacher. The 16 song project was produced entirely by Militant Marxman, another member of Bravado’s Cypher Junkies collective. The album showcases a marriage of Marxman’s golden era crate alchemy and dusty sensibilities with MC B’s ever-varying sense of cadence and stylistic punches. Brought to you …

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MC Bravado and SC Static urge outsiders to “Tread Lightly” with hard cuts from Statik Selektah production – @MCBravado

Tread Lightly is the lead single/visual off MC Bravado’s upcoming “Like Water For Hangovers” album (landing June 1st courtesy of Soulspazm). This hard-hitting single features scratches from Statik Selektah, a verse from SC Static, and production from Militant Marxman (who produced the entirety of Brav’s aforementioned “Hangovers” project). The Walter White sample, cut by Statik with wicked precision, is a …

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MC Bravado catches more than just feelings from his homeless lover in the comical “Homegirl” – @MCBravado

“Homegirl”, the latest from MC Bravado, showcases the Baltimore rhyme-sayer’s penchant for off-kilter, comedic storytelling. The song and video offer a very literal interpretation of the word “Homegirl”, as “our hero” falls in love with a young homeless woman, helping her on (and off) her feet in the process. “Homegirl” was directed by Mike Jon, produced by Michael Oliver, and …

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Listen to DevRock spit flows “Creepin” thru the desert sands – @MinOfCulture


DevRock is a father, husband, teacher, organizer, and artist committed to the well being of his community.  The Baltimore-bred bard finds himself deeply immersed in music and activism campaigns aimed to create positive transformations for impoverished urban people.  He co-founded Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle (LBS) www.lbsbaltimore.com and helped create the Media Rhythm Institute. As the Minister of Culture of LBS, Dev has produced …

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