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Medina makes a courageous leap of love and lands on both feet on “No Parachutes”, featuring LaToya Williams – @iam6milly


Medina’s latest single “No Parachutes” provides an epic, percussive rhythm by Grammy nominated producer Vinay, while Latoya Williams delivers a powerful vocal performance. The lyrics chronicle Medina’s personal experience both in life and the hip hop industry. “No Parachutes” is a powerful, unapologetic anthem with an awakening, vibrant sound guaranteed to get stuck in your head for the rest of …

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Virginia’s RoeShamBeaux have been hard at work and take a much needed “Spa Day” to re-jog their mentals – @jaythehomie @mikeyyysol


Exhausted. Tired. Restless. All adjectives RoeShamBeaux are attempting to croon themselves out of with their new song, “Spa Day”. This is a song for anyone that’s been working their tail off for far too long and are ready to reap the benefits of their labor. It’s important to stay on the grind, but sometimes it’s essential to kick your feet …

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Enter the madman like mindset of Ronnie Rage as he enters the laboratory for “Left Alone” – @ronniexrage

Ronnie Rage

Ronnie Rage is a DIY artist/producer from Maywood, IL. He started writing songs as early as 4th grade and started learning the trumpet shortly after; however, he did not start releasing songs until his junior year of high school. Since then, he has founded a company named Dropout Media, LLC that he distributes his music through and hosts concerts/events, he …

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