El Camino

Reckoned black Sopranos El Camino and Benny The Butcher talk that smack on the Dirty Diggs, violin fueled “Venice Beach” – @elcaminosway @BennyBsf

El Camino

From the same inauspicious roots as his brethren, Westside Gunn, Conway & Benny The Butcher; El Camino, is ready to prove he is the next star to emerge from Buffalo. While temptation is all around us, it happens to appear at the most inopportune times. This is a fact El Camino knows all too well. From his tumultuous past, to still being on house arrest, he creates art that is adjacent to the life he has lead and as he evolves—leaves behind. These temptations inspired Camino’s new album, “Don’t Eat The Fruit”.

On “Don’t Eat The Fruit”, Camino paints bleak tales and violent escapades which create exhilarating highs over an assortment of soulful and moody palettes; which is perfectly illustrated by the album’s first single “Venice Beach” featuring Benny The Butcher.

Over an operatic canvas, the duo promotes violins as Benny’s opening verse roller-coasters from shouting out Jimmy Wopo, Benny Blanco and Gwyneth Paltrow to being a conduit of his own realness “my shit bring hustlers out retirement, they hear me rhyming and somehow start to miss their environment.” Further, Camino details the dualities of street life, the perils and romanticism of homes literally being turned into bakeries and pushing Benz’s thru “Venice Beach.”

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