BuzzN iNterview With Seven Oddities Records Part 2 (@7oddz)


in our first ever, two part interview we pick things back up with Chicago’s 7oddz. Check out the first part if you haven’t yet already to bring you up to speed on things (click here).

Like we previously stated, OFBV3’s official drop was on January 22nd but there’s a seven track promo edition available for downloading now. There’s also a limited edition number of hard copies being offered on the Seven Oddities’ Bandcamp page for preorder. That number is set at 100 and features the full eleven song tracklist and autographs from the entire crew (click here to check that out). With this being the first of four chapters, what is the message you’re hoping to achieve with this particular installment?

Clever One- I think there’s actually a couple or a few messages we’re trying to convey… First and foremost, this first installment is an introduction to the fact that this is the year of the Oddz. We’re dropping four of these quarterly and every track is dope. We’ve been hard at work for a long time. We all pushed each other to really bring it and everybody definitely did. We believe we’re the best Chicago has to offer when it comes to this hip-hop shit and every track on the album is a testament to that. Another message we’re trying to convey is that there is no room for wack shit in hip-hop. Period. No wack mc’s, DJ’s, breakers, graffiti writers, whatever… If you’re wack, either quit or don’t come back until you put some work in to get better. 7Oddz doesn’t believe in being yes men or supporting something just because it’s the thing to do. If someone’s dope, we’re the first ones to give props when they’re due, but if you’re wack, there will be no sugar coating going on around here…

Another impressive feat to note are your performances, already having amassed a large number of shows under your belts from within and outside the Chicago area. That’s what ultimately lead to you guys amassing such a cult following and with very little online media presence. What are your thoughts on the matter and how important do you feel it is to be out in the public eye performing and personally connecting with fans?

Billie Dee Boodahster-
I feel it’s very important because not only do the fans want to know you musically, they want to know you personally. We care about our fan’s. Without them we wouldn’t be. So its only fair to show that love in return above and beyond.

They’re are very few times the doors to Seven Oddities have opened to the outside realm. However, when that door does open, epic achievements are accomplished as in “The Fallout Shelter Sessions” recordings that featured other artists GYBU has came across such as J-Merk and Resolute. What sparked these sessions and are there more collabs such as these in the works?

DreamTek- (Laughs) Yeah, we are more tight knit than a shitty Christmas sweater. We typically like to keep things amongst each other all though we do collab with different artists and feature cats on some of our solo’s. The “Fallout Shelter Sessions” literally just happened. I was bored as fuck at my 9 to 5, it was a Friday and I wanted to do something very different. The idea just came to me and originally was only supposed to be a one day thing. I wanted to grab MC’s from all over the city that in normal circumstances would have probably never collabed on a track, open the door to to our studio and let them prove themselves on the spot. I made a Facebook post explaining the idea I had and asked who would be down and was blown away by the responses I got almost immediately. I picked out a good 10 of them at first and invited them through that same day. It was nuts. Imagine a room full of dudes that have never met, drinking, smoking and creating together over a beat for the love of this Hip Hop shit and nothing less. My one rule for giving them that chance was “you better come correct or you wont make the final cut”. They all understood the rules and it made them go all out! We enjoyed it so much we decided to do a full 7 sessions in total and put it out for free.

True to my rule, there were a few cats that on certain sessions just didn’t make the final cut for the track. I at no point blamed this on the skill they possessed, but I think some of them just got caught up in the moment and got too drunk to come correct. None the less I think in the end we ended up with some amazing sessions out of that little experiment. At the same time it allowed the label to see new talent first hand and in the background decide we would extend the offer of membership to some of the heads we thought were dope and would fit in. DoomsDay, SaveOne and the brother Clever One are all products of those sessions and are part of this label. I couldn’t have asked for a better result than that!

We have talked about revamping the Fallout Sessions in the near future with some twists, so yes. There looks to be more of them coming in the near future. I hope you MC’s out there are sharpening your skills! We’re watching…

For our viewers and new fans alike, we’re can they find your back catalog as well as stay updated on new releases?

Clever One- You can always find our back catalog and stay updated on all news and releases on our website Besides that, we have a Bandcamp page you can access from the website with everybody’s music (, a Facebook page (, a Twitter account ( and a YouTube with all of our videos ( Everybody in the crew has their own social media accounts that they keep up to date with news and releases as well.

Well guys, it’s been an absolute blast having you join us today. Before we let you get back to the music, is there any last things you’d like to share, possibly send out some shout outs too?

Billie Dee Boodah- We would like to thank first and foremost the highest creator, for without him nothing would be. Also our family and friends for all the support and continuous push to strive for better. And you “soldiers of doubt” whom always have intentions to tarnish the brand that’s been kept polished. Stay you, stay true, stay original, and be creative.

It’s no secret 7oddz ain’t nothing to fuck with when it comes to this rap shit. With a foundation as deep as it’s roster, it’s now only a matter of time before the nation takes notice to these unsung, underground wordsmiths who can be dubbed the antiheroes of Chicago Hip Hop. Again, we’d like to thank the fellas for taking time out of their schedule to host the conversation. Make sure to get in tuned with Seven Oddities via social media and their official website, we’ll catch you next time buzzers.

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