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What’s up Buzzers? GYBU is back with another installment of our “Buzz’N” iNterview series and we’re thrilled to present it alongside Tali Blanco. Both an independently established rapper & producer, Tali has produced for artists such as Stevie Stone & Kutt Calhoun and has recorded songs alongside Tech N9ne and DJ Pain 1. With no further ado, lets kick things off.

Tali, thanks for taking the time to conduct this interview with us first and foremost. For those that don’t know, Tech N9Ne just happens to be your uncle and the two of you were blessed with the opportunity to link up on the infectious single “Salute Me”. How did this collaboration come forth and did Tech put you on as far as knowledge of the game is concerned? Other than the obvious, what are some of the advantages of having a family member that’s as seasoned as Tech to lean towards for guidance in the music industry?

We (my manager, myself and our label heads) were in St. Louis meeting Alonzo Lee from the Trakstarz (Nelly, Chingy, Ludacris, etc.) to work together. He began playing beats for us and once the one for “Salute Me” came on my manager and I both looked at each other and knew this was it. The choirs being as dark as they were instantly screamed to me Tech. We reached out and the deed was done. As far as him putting me up on game man, he always drops a gem or two on me when we speak. He lets me know the do’s and dont’s to good writing, he holds me at a high standard just as all of my family/labelmates do and he keeps a motivational word or two in the pocket to keep me on point. And as far as him being family is concerned (which is something a lot of people don’t know) the advantage of having him on the record was the fact that he is the K.O.D. And he has a following that is unreal! When he tweeted the video out it was like a spell had been cast on people…..my numbers jumped by the thousands hourly (YouTube views, Twitter followers, etc).

That’s whats up, appreciate you sharing that. Your latest release is a video/single produced by platinum selling producer DJ Pain 1. Did you have a working relationship with Pain prior to this record? Explain how the two of you met and the creation process behind “Timeless”.

I met Pain at a Coast2Coast live event in which myself and Kutt Calhoun of Strange Music were performing at. We chopped it up a little after my performance and he and my manager exchanged info. We were already fans of his production so it was perfect timing to have met up with him. We asked about some production work and he sent us folder after folder of bangers! Immediately we began picking through them and building a relationship past the industry.

“Timeless” was an instant classic soon as pain sent the record. The beat was such a monster I wrote two other tracks prior to the final which is on YouTube now. The final 15 minutes before I was set to be in the studio recording the song, I was in the middle of a good smoking session when it hit me “Imma weed smoker with no weed song!!!” Pen met pad and a masterpiece was created in the 11th hour so to speak. All crafted around good chronic and Pain’s great production.

Aha, got to have a smoker anthem if you medicate and “Timeless” is just that. Could you please explain to our viewers where your name Tali Blanco originated from?

It began as a joke because of my look. I am black and mexican but my features and my beard make me look middle eastern to people, don’t know why. So a friend of mine, Bently Jonez (Green Bay rap artist), started calling me Taliban. One day he screamed Tali Blanco on a song and I ran with it. Changed Tali to an acronym for Talented And Loving It and Blanco was left like the last names of certain cartel members (for reasons undisclosed).

Every producer has a creating process when it comes to constructing beats. Some start off with the drum pattern while others begin with a rhythm or sample. How do you typically start your beats off? Could you explain your beat creation process to the readers?

I begin my beat process with a blunt and my thoughts hahahahaha, just being honest. I like to paint a picture in my head of what I am about to make. So in my head I will start with a melody, then I go to my trusty Fl Studio and throw that melody on. Then I sit back and add the shine in my head (drums and cymbals and shit) and from there I sit back and watch the other colors pop in my head (fx, drops, other instruments)…..so yeah I make beats like a painter paints pictures.

Did you start off as a rapper or producer first? Which of the two professions do you enjoy most?

I started as a producer. I made a couple tracks for Kutt Calhoun’s “Red Headed Stepchild” EP and one for Stevie Stone’s “Rolling Stone” LP. I began rapping in 2012ish after messing around freestylimg with my family at the crib. I enjoy both equally. Each has its perks but production is my first love.

All of those that create music hit a creation block from time to time. How do you find yourself out of situations like that, both for writing and producing?

I stop listening to everything when that happens, because I get this all the time….ALL THE TIME. Usually its because at that point I’m doing what everyone else is doing or I can only hear what they are doing when I go to create. So I shut the world off for a while.

So far in your production career, which project or song was your most difficult in finishing and why?

The intro on my album was by far the most difficult because I had no idea what I was doing at that time. I started with the words on paper, a snap and went from there. A brain filled with scattered patterns that all seemed to mesh regardless.

Where can people find you online and out & about?

On Twitter: https://twitter.com/TaliBlanco
On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DatNiccuhPeriod
On Instagram: @taliblanco
On YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/atallcostmusickc
You can catch me at Club Privilege in Kansas City, Missouri (Our club) & shortly on your store shelves!!

Lastly, any shout outs you’d like to drop?

Shout out @ All Costs Music Group (our label) first for having enough faith in me to do this shit. Shout out The Trakstarz for making some monsters, DJ Pain 1 for the gold he put in my hands and all the pieces we gonna rock from it hahahahaha, salute the man himself Tech N9ne for his contribution to my project, his push for me, his motivation and all he’s done for us as a label. Salute to Toddy Trillion and Todd Strickland for the excellent video work, all the people on my team, all the people who ain’t fuckin with my team and all the people that thought we wasn’t gonna get to this spot here.
Major salute to G.Y.B.U. For rockin with me too.

Tali Blanco is not only a balanced musician on both ends of the spectrum but doesn’t let his connections in the industry create an ego for himself. Make sure to cop his new EP “Gettin 2 It” when it drops on 4/20/2014. This has been another installment of our “Buzz’N” iNterview series and we’re out….

Interview Conducted By: @blitzb_60505

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