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Midwest emcee Garrison Elijaah tells the tale of society’s plight for the almighty dollar on “Money Addiction” – @GarrisonElijaah

Garrison Elijaah

Returning with a “Money Addiction”, Minnesota artist Garrison Elijaah drops his first record since his last six track EP, “Not Today, Satan”. Garrison is painting a vivid picture from the outside looking in, A true yet soul touching story over the bounce heavy production by ”Aaron May” this time around. Speaking about the struggles of a man with major ambition …

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Trev more than proves he has a “Visionary” mindset on new song with Reeves Junya – @youngsiebold2 @ReevesJunya


“Visionary” displays Trev’s ability as not only a gifted lyricist but also showcases the many ways in which he can manipulate his flow at the drop of a dime. The single also features Minneapolis mainstay and “Alienz Only” co-founder, Reeves Junya. He supplies an uplifting second verse that raises the track to new heights. Together, Trev and Reeves have crafted …

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Enter Lucien Parker’s “Chapter VI: Metamorphosis” EP – @Lucien_Parker

Lucien Parker is an artist & songwriter from Minneapolis. His melodic flow and affinity for smooth, catchy hooks make for great songs that Lucien records, mixes and masters himself. He has earned placements on major blogs and playlists while also touring nationally. Now, Lucien debuts his latest chapter of music with the “Chapter VI: Metamorphosis” EP. It’s a quick, four …

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(New Video)[email protected] Silence Into Sound

Longtime Minneapolis Hip Hop artist Christopher Michael Jensen is set to finally return with “A New Age” on April 26th. This album will cease a nearly three years hiatus since his last project. The first single is “Silence Into Sound”. It features lush, orchestral production from beatsmith, Blamsiss, as well as sharp and reflective lyricism from Jensen. The video, helmed …

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(New Audio)[email protected]_Millyunz World Keeps Spinning

Minneapolis crooner Nate Millyunz crafts a record aimed directly at self-centered and selfish ladies abroad titled “World Keeps Spinning”. The Minnesota soloist crafts a record for the fellas that are involved romantically with these types of women who are so easy to walk away if not catered to constantly. He offers hope and let’s the listener know that although you may …

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(New Audio)[email protected] paint (Produced By @psymun)

Minnesota’s indie scene swoops thru with student 1 and Psymun at the helm as the emcee/producer present “paint”. With student’s cartoonish-like delivery and Psy’s multilayered production, the pair provide a song that continues getting better with time. If you enjoy artists like Lil Dicky, student 1 is definitely for you.

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(New EP)[email protected] Dichotomy

Student 1 embodies the essence of the Minneapolis Hip Hop scene, compacts it into seven songs and issues it as his latest EP effort, “Dichotomy”. Whether it’s the water whistle sounds of “Handlebars”, the rasta-infused “Dope” or the Boom Bap styling of “Regroup”, Student 1 drops an impressive underground EP with this one. Stream and download “Dichotomy” below.

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