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Music producer Clearside has teamed with southern artist Domangue to let us know they’re a “Problem” – @domangue @clearsidemusic


California based producer Clearside has been having a ton of success in 2018. His music has been featured in countless movies and television shows, leaving no doubt that he will leave his mark on the industry. He recently released his new single “Problem”, featuring Texas rapper Domangue. The song has already been featured on HBO’s “Silicon Valley”, and the instrumental …

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(New Audio)-@domangue Half Lit

Newly emerging Texas artist Domangue is fast becoming a go to name when in need of a radio friendly boost. The southern hit-maker has been in his own lane since first coming into music. Since then, he has been intriguing everyone that listens. From radio DJs, industry execs to well-known producers and everyone in between, the response has been unanimous. Domangue’s …

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(New Audio)-@Domangue Let Me Be

Rising Texas emcee Domangue debuts “Let Me Be”, meshing Hip Hop lyricism with some southern country blues. Already having made waves with two strong 2015 singles “Trigger” (26.4k plays) and “Fistful of Dollars” (1.13m plays), Dom continues making a strong impact with his material. Based of the production and song construction, “Let Me Be” shouldn’t have any problems finding mass …

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