Drink Champs presents Ching Bing & Mike Booth’s “Thugged Out Thursdays” podcast album

Presented by Drink Champs, “Thugged Out Thursdays” is a video series styled podcast hosted by Bronx natives Ching Bing and Mike Booth. Rooted in hip hop, the show has featured a heavy lineup of emerging artists and emcees such as Capone from the legendary group Capone-N-Noreaga, Terror Squads, Tony Sunshine, Kash Juliano, Leader, and Starmade Day. One of the firsts of its kind, “Thugged Out Thursdays” is set to release its official podcast album, “Ching Bing & Mike Booth Presents The Podcast Album Vol.1” on iTunes and other major digital retailers on April 12th.

Consisting of 14-tracks, “Ching Bing & Mike Booth Presents The Podcast Album Vol.1” was produced by a talented roster of five including Mugsy, Speedy, Tokyo Shrympz, Delta, and Motif Alumni. Mixed by Ezequiel “The Reason” Garcia and Tokyo Shrympz, this volume features a collection of emerging artists who have proven their lyrical talents on the podcast. Fans have been highly receptive of the lead single, “Do It for The Gram” – produced by Motif Alumni – featuring an intro from Ching Bing and appearances by Gangsta Lou, Hemi, and Rich Morris. Released on February 27th, the track is available now on iTunes and all digital retailers and streaming sites.

Thugged Out Thursdays’ “Ching Bing & Mike Booth Presents The Podcast Album Vol.1” will be the launch of many podcast albums to come. At the end of each season, fans and audience members can look forward to hearing the music of their favorite podcast guests in one place. Other podcasts may need help from marketers like Lower Street to get the clout that Thugged Out Thursdays will start with (which is understandable), but this one has hit the ground running with no intention of stopping anytime soon.

Powered by hip hop culture, the podcast features a variety of talented performers, artists, emcees, and hip hop legends who have contributed to the art form in their own way. Over the past year, Thugged Out Thursdays podcast has seen a rise in viewership and have helped create new conversations around the music industry and hip hip culture around the globe.

Thugged Out Thursdays is available on Youtube with new episodes premiering every Thursday. The crew is also in talks to launch a reality show in the coming months. For more information on Thugged Out Thursdays podcast and its host Ching Bing and Mike Booth, please visit the website at www.thuggedoutthursdays.com

Check out the podcasts on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq5KHcN3HOr1q21vA3lbBKQ

About Thugged Out Thursdays

Bronx, New York natives and multimedia personalities Ching Bing and Mike Booth grew up during an era when the fresh sounds of hip hop would be their first introduction to a massive cultural and global movement that evolves today. Armed with larger than life personalities and their love of hip hop, Ching Bing and Mike Booth have set their sites on creating their own movement with the video series-styled podcast “Thugged Out Thursdays.” Presented by Drink Champs, the podcast has gained popularity worldwide with a listenership that continues to grow each week. Co-hosts Ching Bing and Mike Booth have created a highly sought after platform for new and emerging artists to showcase their skills. With weekly cyphers, freestyles, and live performances “Thugged Out Thursdays” is not your typical podcast.

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