(New Mixtape) – “Meet The Connectz vol. 1” hosted by @TheRealUncanny & @DjJuiceOrtiz

Brothers Uncanny and Dj Juice Ortiz are the newly formed Midwest Connectz. With their ears to the streets and hands in everything Hip Hop in their region it was time to expand. The duo received the co-sign from two of the nation’s biggest DJ coalitions Coast2Coast DJs and the Nerve DJs for their first release “Meet The Connectz vol. 1”. Boasting 18 tracks from artists like Deezy Da Paperboy, Carledo, Lumbah Jakk, Jovie, and Zamm2Turnt, the compilation mixtape also features music from over 5 different states. With such a complete collection on display it’s easy to see that if you #AintConnected you #AintRespected!



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