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For those new to the name, where are you from and what do you do?

I am Melody Joy…I am an Artist. I was born on Planet Puff. I then found my earth keepers & now I live in NYC (Queens) & Pittsburgh. I travel a lot. I song write, I sing… I spend most of my time in Studios..working with various producers & people on my Team. I am a bit of a nerd.. I spend most of my time in my bedroom… honing my craft…being my own vocal mentor…

You have a very unique look and sound, what is your creative approach in regards to your style and musical components?

Thank you! My approach usually happens when I am sitting on the toilet .. an idea will pop into my head and I will take notes on my iPhone or one of my composition notebooks…whether it be a quote, lyrics, Piano Notes or a crazy conceptual idea that whether plausible or not, I could make work.

Lets talk about some of your accomplishments, you were the winner of a well known hip hop showcase called ‘Coast 2 Coast’ Interactive in NYC last year which really put you in the eye of the hip hop demographic, how did that experience help your career?

I was honored that I could bring a twist to something & people would genuinely accept me for my talent & concepts… despite being a goofy little girl. I got to see into the eye of REAL Hip-Hop. Real Lyricists. It was like my official… kickstart into the game. Everyone i meet at Coast 2 Coast events, I still keep in touch with very much on social media. I consider some of them family. We all respect & support what each other is doing … that’s what makes HIp-Hop such a movement. And that’s what i experienced.

Not to far after you were featured in the 10th Anniversary issue of ‘The Deli’ and recognized as an artist to watch. Why do you think you were identified as such and how has this helped you stand out in a saturated genre of music?

It was a huge honored to have the Brian, the writer for the Deli & The Village Voice approach me with Paolo the other writer & say that they really loved my lyrics, they resonated with them. That they loved my live performances & thought they were authentic and unlike most of what they see around NYC. Coming from a city where not many accepted me… to NYC, a scary place… being accepted & having people around me who like to have fun & “get it” is something I will cherish for forever. That i believe is why. People at the end of the day, want to believe in more, have hope, have an escape and believe they are apart of something big. I think outside the bun, I live there. And i am not embarrassed to present it to the world & make them smile.

Tell us about your new COMPLEX magazine produced video ‘Beauty Is Pain’ w/ Taylor Gang artist Tuki Cater. Whats the single & videos concept and how did you link w/ COMPLEX magazine and Tuki Carter?

Tuki & I have been fans of each other for awhile. I actually discovered him from my DJ friend Gobs and his Music Blog ( And so I hit him up! He is a gifted Tattoo artist as well. We talked about a collab for awhile & eventually did it. I thought the dark heavy trap beat & the fact that i am coincidently enough from Pittsburgh, sacred home of the Taylor Gang fans, would be kind of cool. At that time, I was alone in my apartment… In heavy thought about where I see girls, and social media going… How people no longer really want to see Art & Hear peoples thoughts. Girls instead seem to be put up for display for their bodies, eyebrows, how crazy they look. I felt I had too many ideas on this topic.. of how Beauty is truly Pain. And how us women feel the need to seek approval of ourselves from the outside world. Complex, had seen my Ronald Reagan video… Ryan Wick contacted me, and coincidently really loves horror. Which was the exact concept I wanted to go for with this.. something sort of like “Grindhouse” Plastic Surgery bandages, creepy stalker girl… who doesn’t feel beautiful. I ended up being the main girl in one of his Short Horror movies “Chance” So we work really well together. Complex is a huge never ending company. And I would love to work with them again. It was exciting preparing everything for the video. I am very into design.

You have a very fun and creative approach to your music and videos, what is the feedback like from your fans when you drop new visuals?

I actually had a conversation with my mom the other day about how I have theeeee absolute most loyal & supportive fans ever. They always get excited. For still being underground… I have to say.. I have had fans that have followed me since day 1 and still do… This gets me excited. I love providing that surreal, theatrical approach to my Music & Visuals. I have always lived my life like it were a movie. I love making art of my life. And I love that my fans love seeing life through that poetic and psychological lens with me.

Now you have a new single about to start buzzing online called BANG!, whats this song about and when can we expect a visual?

I have been completely stumped… As far as what to do for visuals with this. I really think I need to break out my hiphop moves and really show people the other sides of me. BANG! is one of my favorites. ĀGARD is a sick Producer & DJ out of New York City! I had flash backs myself drunk off of Patron & 4 Loko, running around NYC, going to Webster Hall. It’s a shout out to my androgynous side. And although I have never been entangled in a 3 way…. and not entirely sure if I ever could… I felt like a dude writing it. I love that the lyrics sort of putting the man aside, and are appeasing the ladies.

What is next on the agenda for Melody Joy?

I have planned to eventually move out to L.A keep writing for people. Keep pumping out tracks for my next Album.. which is the most interesting, catchy & solid works I have ever done. I would like to keep progressing at it. Not just maintain, but keep going forward. I am releasing some sexy merch and a Line of BOWS! Yes hair bows! Not the overly ginormous ones I am infamous for wearing, but a more fashionable, realistic line. Super Kawaii! I want to expand my audience more. Find more opportunities. Hopefully get Jarren Benton on this next track “Tazer” that I am really excited about. And keep shocking the world.

Where can fans find you online?


& I have loads of Free Downloads & Ear Candy on:

I am revamping my official website. And I am also on Spotify!!! So go stream me!

Any last shout outs?

To anyone who believed in me from the get, when i didn’t and to anyone who still does. I will always love you.

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