(New Video)-@xodwox “I Am What I Am”

If the personal touch is missing from hip-hop music nowadays, Darius Walker is the antidote. Amidst mountains of carbon copy rappers whose topics rarely extend beyond material possessions and fantasy, Walker, a 20-year-old MC from Madison, WI, stands out. His newest release, the music video for his single “I am what I am,” is at once a statement of individuality as well as a warning call to his competitors– he is here, and he is not like the rest. Rather than selecting and shooting a run-of-the-mill models and bottles rap video to a typical club record, this introspective track combines a vicious delivery with personal lyrics complementing a organic and driving beat. Additionally, the video was shot during a live, on-stage performance. Though “I am what I am” is his debut music video, Darius Walker is not afraid to be himself and this release is proof.

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