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Buzzin Interview W/ @teamnrimes @NRIMES

1.) What’s good Rimes? Let everyone now how you got attracted to hip hop. I was attrated to hip-hop first by my life struggles and trying to motivate people going through their struggles all around the world. I always wrote rhymes everyday feeling like one day my lyrics would be legendary and change the world. 2.) Who were some of …

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Buzzin Interview W/ @RoxVazquez215

What’s good Los? Let everyone know how you got attracted to hip hop. Their is a million ways I can answer that question. Honestly I been attracted to hip hop as long as I can remember. Being raised in Philly how can I not embrace it? Who were some of your influences coming up? I grew up listening to artist …

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Buzz’N Interview W/ @Khleo_T

Khleo Exclusive Interview w/ GetYourBuzzUp.com What up Khleo aka Mr Slick Livin, talk to the people man, your buzz is crazy right now. Yeah man, Im living slick, loving life and working hard. Couldn’t ask for any more. You are an actor turned rapper, what movies were you in and why the transition? I’m glad you asked because that’s actually …

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