Bobby Shmurda is Not (Y)our Nigger By @CRASHprez

UW Madison First Wave student Michael Penn II aka CRASHprez is known for his thought provoking rhymes but we learned that he is just not limited to a microphone, yesterday Michael dropped an article titled “Bobby Shmurda is Not (Y)our Nigger” where he goes in depth about Bobby Shmurda. “It’s been a few months, and Bobby Shmurda has been called …

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(New Audio)- @Livesosa “Dont Say Her Name”

Arkansas has something special in Live Sosa. With a catalog of music that targets the college scene, he’s finding success. Using futuristic sounds to push his “thoughtful-party guy”persona, Sosa has an appeal that could easily find it’s way on the billboard charts in the near future. Check out his latest single “Dont Say Her Name” and let us know if …

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Buzz ‘N’ Interview W/ @kriswarrenmusic

For those new to the name, who are you and what do you do? Kris Warren is the name. I’m a filmmaker, music artist, and a marketing professional. I’m basically just a regular middle-class guy living his dreams. You have an incredibly positive movement with ‘Music Is My Therapy’, how did you discover the necessity for this in the urban …

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