Rod Clemmons releases his new album and it’s title track, “What’s Up? It’s Me” – @clemmons_rod

There are certain types of people who let their setbacks and handicaps hold them back. Then there are those who aspire to achieve greatness, refusing to let those things dictate their demeanor. Louisville, Kentucky-based producer Rod Clemmons is the latter. Born blind, Rod refused to let that stop him from becoming the best at what he loves to do. Over …

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Etheprophet unveils “Young”, the lead off single from his debut mixtape, “Sage” – @etheprophet


“Young” is the first official single to release off of Etheprophet’s debut mixtape, “Sage”. The dark, hard hitting production from Syndrome fits perfectly with E’s grotesque lyrics which depict the trials and tribulations he’s faced within the music industry. Etheprophet is an eighteen year old underground Lo-Fi Rap artist out of West Palm Beach Florida. Etp’s official career began in …

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Terrell Brown promises to release your “Tension” over a iWantYourDieselBeats production – @theterrellbrown

“Tension” is a single by Pennsylvania native, Terrell Brown, produced by iWantYourDieselBeats. The 19 year old rapper, singer, and songwriter has released two EPs, “The Wavy EP” and #SS, both within 2017. His most recent singles, “Money Moves” and “Give It Up”, are the first singles from his debut album, “Girls and Mimosas”. The debut was released through vanity label …

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UU and Lil Byron urges the ladies to tell their men to get their “Bread Up” –


Locally known artist from Nashville, UU is pushing to make a difference in the industry by making catchy, hard-hitting songs without using profanity. At age 16, Uylus Johnson Jr. aka UU has released over fifty singles in attempt to find his signature sound. His sound closely resembles the smoothness much like Drake, with various ear-catching melodies, much like Travis Scott …

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Houston’s Rosegold speaks on the down sides of having “Lavi$h Habit$” – @ugly_rosegold


“Lavi$h Habit$”, the new self-produced single from Rosegold, is a track that tells the story of chemical and emotional addiction. This track is driven by hard hitting 808 bass-lines, rhythmic percussion and ethereal synth melodies all wrapped together with emotional, spectral and ominous vocals that deliver a story of unequal love, lust, addiction, and isolation. Having lived in London, England …

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