WAV3Pop puts the match to the fire on their new, self-produced song, “Burning Bridges” – @WAV3Pop


Pivoting off the success of their previous releases, WAV3POP releases the first audio release from their upcoming project entitled Island coming soon. Produced by the guys, they credit this new sound to their bond and overall music chemistry. When asked about the inspiration behind this song title WAV3POP had this to say, “people say don’t burn bridges, we burn the …

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Super Manny – “Save Yourself”

Super Manny

Hip-Hop & R&B artist Super Manny, from the Bronx, highlights his 2018 with a deep record titled “Save Yourself.” This record is about someone who has done things a certain way but not necessarily because he wanted too but because he felt forced or felt that it was required of him. In Manny’s own words, “that someone felt like he …

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Cali Luv doesn’t need a thing because she’s “Had It All” from the go – @luvcaliluv

Cali Luv

Oakland songstress Cali Luv releases her latest release “Had It All”. The Yonatan Watts & Karim-produced effort finds Cali delivering velvety vocals atop the majestic R&B-laden instrumental. The song narrative finds Cali looking past the material goods that her admirers have engulfed her with. Those objects don’t hold too much significance for Cali, as she can afford them all on …

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