P3$0 – Halloween @P3soSoForeign

For PE$O’s long awaited return to music, he gifts us a video for “Halloween”, showing his unique sound.

P3$0’s mom was a big hip-hop head back in the day. She played everything on her huge speakers — from Biggie to Nas; Tupac to Usher. As early as age three, P3$0’s go-to toy was a microphone and he’s been passionate about music since. He calls himself P3$0 (pronounced “peso”) because he feels like he’s different from everyone around him and many people don’t understand him – like a foreign currency in the homeland.

When creating and performing, P3$0 looks to Travis Scott because of his high energy and the different things he does with sound and instrumentation. He cites Kanye West as masterful in conveying meaning not only through music, but also through dope visuals. Lyrically, he admires Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, and Wale because they all know how to capitalize on who they are naturally (Kendrick – the cool philosopher, J Cole — the grounded storyteller, and Wale — the lyrical poet).

P3$0 is big on concepts in music and his songs “Money Counter” and “Juwanna Mann” are songs that embody that. He describes “Money Counter” as the song that perfectly encapsulates his sound. “Juwanna-Man” is about balling out with the women – just like in the movie. Both songs remind P3$0 of coming into his own rather than taking on the sound of people he admires or who are popular.

The north Jersey native has done a lot of shows in Trenton and New York, and recently performed in Philly for the first time. DJ Envy has played P3$0’s song “She The Plug” on POWER 105.1 a few times, and the song was featured on DJ Miles’ Tracks of the Month (March 2016) – that’s how people from North Carolina, Atlanta, and Florida got ahold of it. “She The Plug” has garnered more than 25,000 listens on Soundcloud and thanks to its universal sound, people of all ages enjoy it.

P3$0’s project, USD, is complete and he wants to release it before summer’s end. On USD, P3$0 formally introduces himself to the world, displaying his ability to make it as a “peso” in a world full of “dollars.” Before the project comes out, P3$0 wants to ensure his music will have the listeners it deserves and is profitable. In that, he’s working with DCTOP20 to secure a bigger fan base. Eventually, he sees himself doing music full-time and without financial limitation.

P3$0’s sound is refreshing in a musical climate where a lot of people sound alike. He appreciates art and approaches everything with creative flair – whether making music or taking a photo. Like Biggie, Nas, and Tupac, you can appreciate him as an artist and as a person. Open-minded and authentic, he’s an extrovert who thrives on positive energy. In the long run, P3$0 wants to be remembered as a remarkable person and an innovative artist.

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