Lizard Kang

Lizard Kang is joined by Yung K4Mi for the underground sounds behind “Freak It” – @Lizard_Kang @Yung_K4Mi

Lizard Kang

“Freak It” features the Ohio hip-hop duo rapping over a panning synth sound and slow rolling drum kit. Delivering sharp rhymes while keeping in the dark tone of the track makes this song oddly satisfying to the ear. The lo-fi sound these artists work with brings the vocals into focus with emphasis on lyrics and delivery. Lizard Kang begins the track strong, with Yung K4Mi finishing with more dark vibes.

Lizard Kang and Yung K4Mi are a hip-hop duo from Ohio that began releasing music in 2017. The two are childhood friends that share a passion for creating. Lizard Kang is a producer/rapper who has provided the two artists with countless beats in a style all its own. Together Yung K4Mi and Lizard Kang plan on taking on conventional hip-hop and turning it on to a new perspective. Both are twenty-one years old with boundless potential as they are compatible and driven in their exploration of music. With much experimentation under their belts, expect these two bright individuals to impress you with their skill as musicians.

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