RunAway Randy Freeman addresses his biggest fear, not living to the fullest, on his new song entitled “Built Like Us”

RunAway Randy Freeman

Many people claim to have came from nothing and achieved success all on their own. When in fact, they come from money or from a life full of opportunity. This is not the case for Canada based rap artist, RunAway Randy Freeman. You see, Randy knows the all too familiar feelings of hardship and struggle. Along the way, some fold while others unfortunately pass away. In this world, it’s survival of the fittest and Freeman’s new single embodies the soldier mentality one needs in order to obtain honest success both in life and business.

On “Built Like Us”, RunAway makes it very apparent he’s built like Iron Man and is absolutely ready for whatever. The rising rapper also speaks about his mother and some of the situations the two of them went thru while Randy was knee deep in the streets. The cover art to “Built Like Us” depicts RunAway Randy into the famed “Last Supper” painting and further gives depth to the release. Produced by Jeff Sanon, the up-tempo and motivational track can be heard on Spotify.

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