Sly Da' Schola

Sly Da’ Schola drops the “Be Back In 6” album while he rides out his current incarceration sentence – @Slydaschola

Sly Da' Schola

Sly Da’ Schola is currently behind bars, having been sentenced to 6 months in jail after getting into a fight with a group of frat kids. But that won’t stop him from reaching through the walls that separate him from the rest of the world right now. He sends a message through his music, one of perseverance, and wants to share his side of the story that got him locked up:

“I was initially jumped by these kids, and ultimately, I ended up stabbing one of them. I suffered a concussion during the brawl and honestly cannot remember stabbing one of them. I also did not have a knife on me, however, 4 of them claimed that after they jumped me, I stabbed one of them. The DA chose to ignore all the good that I have done in my life and the fact that I had no prior criminal record. He even wanted to sentence me to 5 years in prison, however after obtaining some great legal representation I was able to get this down to 6 months. Even the probation officer was shocked that the DA was seeking jail time, however she is not able to control what he wants to do.”

His project “Be Back In 6” was created in order to keep his buzz going while he serves those 6 months “I cherish this project and I believe that it will one day become a milestone in my career. Upon release, I will be jumping right back into the rap scene and dropping nothing but fire. Well…I guess there’s nothing much left to say, ill see you guys in 6 months.”

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