Heartache is the driving force behind Maryland artist Niqo P’s latest release, “Tres Dias” – @Persistance__

Niqo P

Love is a very powerful feeling that can be a double edged sword, especially after a break up. All walks of life deal with separation in different ways. Maryland based artist Niqo P turns that heartache into song she titled “Tres Dias”. Spanish for three days, the song title describes the long nights and lonely days following the times of no longer being with the person you love.

Aside from crafting fantastic music like “Tres Dias”, Niqo has another element to herself that is unique. A proud member of the LGBT community, she is a strong advocate for those that suffer from body and self-image issues. Her new album, “If I Could”, was designed as a motivational tool for anyone how has or is currently experiencing these issues and provides inspirational music to help cope and overcome those feelings. We can’t always choose how we appear on the outside but one thing we can do is choose how we feel about ourselves from the inside where it matters the most. If you enjoyed the video or if Niqo’s mission statement hits close to home, make sure to check out “If I Could” on Spotify.

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