(New EP)-@AlOneTheRemedy – Sharptongue

For those that have been following the Portland scene for awhile, you know of groups like Lifesavas, Oldominion, and Sandpeople. One of the staples of the PDX scene is Al-One, originally a member of The Chosen, Sandpeople and later Alphabet Stew. 2017 catches Al-One going full speed with his new EP, “Sharptongue”, featuring a bulk of production handled by Portland’s own, Rey Holiday. Al delivers on his new EP with sharp lyricism, boom-bap beats and an introspective look at the man behind the MC. He shows the various sides and tones of himself as an artist as he supplies the party but also isn’t afraid to slow things down and address serious issues such as drug abuse. Something for everyone, the the EP delivers a range of flavors with no two songs sound similar.

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