(New EP)-@silverrosemusic Silver Rose

“Silver Rose” is the self-titled, debut six track EP from the Mexico City-based artist. It also serves as a new solo project for Ruido Rosa bassist, Carla Sariñana. The EP has is split between two languages, three songs featuring Spanish and three in English. Previously released last year, but is now being fully promoted and presented by Presana Music. The overall sound follows a strong Shoegaze Dream Pop theme with light 1970’s overtures. Your heart will rejoice to songs like “Take Me Home” and Sueños de Amor.

Silver debuted a video for the “Take Me Home” tune late into 2015. Playing on the seventies theme, it was shot utilizing a gritty, camcorder-like video edit for a classic vintage feel.

Silver Rose is truly a unique find. Enjoy listening to the full EP and later, watch the video.

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