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San Francisco artist The Wilde takes his Punk Rock roots and fuses them into an artsy and abstract Hip Hop sound. This exact formula is what he leans towards on his latest release, “Girlie Magazines”. Think of the cult classic “16 Candles” movie crossed with Blink 182, this is the feeling the song gives off from the get go. Wilde has stated that the song is in fact strongly inspired by “A Lack of Color” by Death Cab for Cutie and “Against the Bottom” from Grieves.

An unlikely combination indeed, however the California mainstay births a single worthy of radio airplay and is sure to steal the hearts of his young lady fans. Not only does he rap but his ability to create chart-topping melodic choruses is what makes Wilde stad ut the most. “Girlie Magazines” is the second single from The Wilde‘s forthcoming “Coverups” album, set to debut on March 31st. Listen to the single below.

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