(New EP)[email protected] Parallel Universes


North Carolina’s Tweeze aka Twee-ze follows up his previously released “Who Cares” project with the eight track EP, “Parallel Universes”. The album features the breakout hit, “Carolina Schemin'”, a collab effort with Soul singer, CandaceK. For those unfamiliar to Tweeze‘s discography, his unique vocal tone consists of a distinct southern drawl full of a variety of harmonies.

He has a very chilled, laid back sound that will appeal to smokers and Hip Hop heads alike. Check songs like “Forest Fires” and “Hermetic Dreams” for prime examples to that statement. The theme behind this particular project is a parallel universe version of Tweeze, think of Jet Li’s “The One” movie for a better visual understanding. You can now stream the entire project on Spotify but for non-members, you can also hear “Parallel Universes” on Soundcloud.

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