(New Audio)-@Monstakodi “No More Killin’”


Monsta Kodi, born in Harlem Hospital, raised in the Bronx & flourished in the South debuts his hit single, “No More Killin”, produced by Strictly Kong Entertainment. Being a strong advocate against police brutality and senseless violence among the urban city youth, Monsta Kodi is releasing “No More Killin” which is a song inspired by the killing of Mike Brown, a young black male gunned down by police in Ferguson, Missouri while being detained with #HandsUp.

Strictly Kong Entertainment has teamed up with DJ Montana & DJ Tiny Toon to release the first installment from the mixtape series featuring Monsta Kodi. Visuals for “No More Killin’” will also be released at a later date. Monsta Kodi took the commute to Ferguson to participate in the community protest for the wrongful killing of Mike Brown. He will also be releasing a documentary showing the community’s voice against police brutality.

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