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oWjTDdEO For this edition of our “Buzz’N” iNterview series we head down south to Birmingham, Alabama to chop it Bout Dat Grind artist 6th Sense. Let’s get to find out a little bit more about him and his upcoming project “INSANITY”. What’s going on 6th Sense? Thanks for joining us for this interview. You call Birmingham your home, what is the rap scene like out in that area? Everyday’s another blessing and yes Bama is my home. To be honest, the rap scene is good down here. I know when people think of southern rap they think of mostly trap music or club music but to be real its actually quite the opposite. You have great artists that are actually on a conscious lyrical level more so that the talent’s amazing and the shows always are epic moments, very entertaining. I just wish they had better opportunities and for other states to take us more seriously. You were formally introduced to hip hop by means of a classic album; Jay-Z’s “Reasonable Doubt”. What was it about that album that influenced you strongly enough to want to pursue music? Is your style based around that of J’s? Oh man that was actually my first rap cassette! Prior to that I had no idea about hip hop. When I heard that album my whole life changed. The way he put that classic together was flawless. I listened to it the first time and I was in a dream state, just fascinated on how he was able to make words rhyme like that. At the same time, it made sense and it painted a picture. I just knew from that moment on that I wanted to learn how to flow. Not so much as pursue it as a career, I just wanted to learn to do it. I developed a love instantly. Songs like “Dead Presidents”, “D’evils” and “22 2’s”, which was genius, who wouldn’t be strongly influenced by those?! LOL! Actually no, my style isn’t based around ZJay z’s at all. As I started to progress, I got a lot deeper into the underground. My style is influenced more by the likes of Tech N9ne cause he has so many different techniques to rhyming, Elzhi from Slum Village, Ces Cru, Apathy, Vinnie Paz, artists of that nature. There’s so many I can go on for a long time… How did you end up meeting Dirk LP and getting involved with Bout That Grind? You trying to bring up memories! I first met my big bro Dirk LP when we worked at Moore and Handley. I overheard the supervisor and him talking about him being a rapper. So I stopped him later that day and was like aye bro you do music? He was like yeah so naturally I let him know I made beats. Dirk just said oh okay and straight up disregarded me or at least I felt like that. LOL. So I believe after a couple weeks went by, I was thinking to just bring him a cd of my hottest beats. So I ended up giving it to him before he left. No lie, he came in early the next day and busted in the shack where I worked as a security guard and said Reggie Reg, Pink Floyd! I was thrown back for a moment until he said that that last beat was a Pink Floyd sample. Long story short, he copped the beat and made the song “Welcome to the Machine”, which is an amazing song. Ever since then we played phone tag for a few years up until a few months ago whenhe came at me about starting a campaign for my music. Being that I trust him, which is rare for me to just trust anyone, I agreed. Prior to this opportunity I never really took my music really serious, so I figured why not? I had heard bout his success and seen the proof so to be honest who better to rep with then BOUT THAT GRIND?! ALL DAY!!!! WHAT UP DIRK!! What made you decide to use the name 6th Sense? The name 6th sense sort of came about from the movie “6th Sense”. You remember how he was able to see ghosts? I was able to see music. I know it sounds weird but when I play a song or an instrumental, I see different colors in my head. Before I write a new song I map out different angles & styles I can play off of and where i can exercise that particular style. I know it sounds a little bazaar but the name actually means I have a 6th sense for music, i can see it. LBVS! You have a song online doing well titled “Abstract” which was produced by Lexi Bank that finds you flinging flows like a mad man. How did the two of you come to work together on the track? Yeah, that joint is freaking bonkers! I was hella excited to finally let the world hear it and to be honest I was just on Soundclick playing beats and trying to find one to fit my new style. I was practicing my fast rap technique so it was actually just coincidence that this was my first time rapping that fast. I’d like to personally thank Lexi Banks cause if it wasn’t for him “Abstract” would’ve never been born. Another dope record you recently dropped is the Crystal Music produced “Mo Manners”. What’s the story behind this song? The story behind that was Dirk basically hitting me up and saying we needed a single. To be real it troubled me. I was so used to just spazzing on tracks just like on “Abstract”, so I wasn’t used to having to follow guidelines. You know, limited cursing and making it mainstream available. I had the beat for a minute and was skimming through my collection when I just started bumping it. I was like yo, I think this may work and i literally penned it in about 30 minutes. When I recorded the song it was still me and it was clean, it had main stream appeal that I loved. So you’re working hard on your upcoming album “INSANITY”. What can we expect from the project? What artists & producers will be featured on it when it does drop? Yes sir, on “INSANITY”, expect super quick rhyming mostly which is the basis of the title, very sporadic word play. As far as the features are concerned, there are none. I think it’s best to just jump into it and show that you can handle a whole project by yourself. I’m really huge on self sufficiency. And as far as producers go, I got Lexi Banks and Crystal Music, of course! I’ve also got Ayodlo on there, Beats Craze & N.Y. Bangas so you know the production is on point!! After “INSANITY”, what’s next up for you 6th Sense? Any upcoming shows or side projects we can look out for? You can really expect me to be on the promo tip extremely hard pushing the “INSANITY” album. I’m also working on a few collabs. I have a huge one with one of my partners from Philadelphia that’s gone be a banger! Hopefully a project with my fellow emcee, JDUB, that’s still in the linking up phase. As far as shows, yessir! I plan on going hard with my performances here in October. I’m going to keep everyone posted on everything on my Twitter and Facebook fanpage!! Where can we find you online 6th? My personal Facebook page is www.facebook.com/six.sense.77. I do promote on there cause that’s where all my connects go down. Catch me on my Facebook fanpage as well at at Tha Mastamind (6TH Sense). I’m on Twitter at @mastamynd6th. I’m also on Soundcloud at soundcloud.com/mastamynd. Yall make sure to follow me on there cause I’m actually thinking about placing some exclusives up so make sure you visit the pages, follow me, like them, friend request me. All support is appreciated. It’s been great getting to know more about you homey! Is there anyone you’d like to shout out or let the people know about? GOD and huge shoutouts to my big bro Dirk LP for making all this possible, Illuminati2g for posting me on their site and most definite Get Your Buzz Up for conducting this interview. It’s also a real honor for all the DJs spinning my records. My fam & friends who believed. THANK YOU FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY Just like the name of the title track to the Jay-Z album that got him involved with music, “You Can’t Knock The Hustle” of this Alabama artist. We’d like to thank 6th $ense for joining us for this “Buzz’N” iNterview. Make sure to keep an eye out for “INSANITY” to drop in the near future. This is GYBU, bee cool until next time Buzzers. Interview by: @blitzb_60505

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