(New Video)-@TheRealMarcSee “Go Time”

Marcus Curry known to the world as Marc See is an accomplished Musician, Composer, Producer, Songwriter, and all around entrepreneur. Since the age of 11, Marc See has always had aspirations of making it big the music business. Early on, Marc started playing musical instruments such as the trumpet, bass guitar and keyboard. By age 16 he was composing music not only at band practice but also as first chair trumpet section leader. Throughout his high school years Marc See continued to learn music, perform in talent shows and studying songwriting, music production and deejay techniques in his (spare) time. Marc took on the moniker of Marc See when he changed the spelling of his name by dropping the letter C for Curry and changing it to “See”. He did this to represent his vision and long term goal. Marc See wants the world to “See” his abilities and to “See” his creativity. “I want people to see where I came from and see that I am more than just an average rapper, my music is real.”

The name change also had a lot to do with Marc See’s alter ego which is his artistic side. Marcus Curry is the educated business man that is a focused, career oriented, architecture professional who is a fan and lover of all forms of music. Marc See is the innovative, street savvy, musician who is determined to tear into the entertainment industry. When he first started out, he started doing music for local artist and deejays. He realized he had various talents like; songwriting, vocal delivery, playing musical instruments, and producing. “Producing records is just as efficient and consistent to me as writing lyrics,” said Marc See. “I came up with instrumentals just as fast as artist would write verses.”

Here’s Marc See’s latest video titled “Go Time”.

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