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B.Marie shocases her raspy bravado on The Architect-produced, “Blu Drazz” – @TheBMarie

Blu Drazz

Who is B.Marie? A Dallas native who is a mother, college student, chef, and singer/songwriter. Her music is darker and more spiritually reflective than what we’re used to hearing, but with an eclectic vibe. Today, she releases her new single, “Blu Drazz”, produced by The Architect. She touches on soul cleansing, wisdom and warfare. Her unique blend of soul, knowledge, …

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SaddiqyTheNyeGuy gets straight up trippy in his entertaining video, “Boredom/Glow” – @saddiqythenyegy

Saddiq El-Shakshir, better known as SaddiqyTheNyeGuy, has created a broad audience through his indie hip-hop/alternative styled music. Saddiqy has always been passionate about performing: he always wanted to be a singer and an actor, and he was even kicked out of his class a bunch of time for singing, interrupting the lesson. Ever since dropping out of college, he started …

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Houston’s Rosegold speaks on the down sides of having “Lavi$h Habit$” – @ugly_rosegold


“Lavi$h Habit$”, the new self-produced single from Rosegold, is a track that tells the story of chemical and emotional addiction. This track is driven by hard hitting 808 bass-lines, rhythmic percussion and ethereal synth melodies all wrapped together with emotional, spectral and ominous vocals that deliver a story of unequal love, lust, addiction, and isolation. Having lived in London, England …

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It’s safe to say that El Paso’s The Fifth Estate is “Stuck In The 90s” on new album – @thefifth_estate

The Fifth Estate

El Paso, Texas based, emcee/rapper The Fifth Estate recently released his latest project, “Stuck In The 90s”. The 16-track mixtape with production by m o o n, Tyler Wrighteous, Zou High and Jay Humble. The artwork was done by Yukari Ochi. The project isn’t your stereotypical ode to the “golden era of hip-hop” but rather a respectful nod to the …

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Houston’s EDF releases the 11 track “Original Playa” project, produced solely by Platinum Hands – @imedf @1platinumhands

Original Playa

After releasing three projects last year alone, Houston rapper EDF is back under the direction of Platinum Hands to present “Original Playa”. This is a project created by the duo to showcase the vintage sound that embodies classic Houston with a modern approach. Platinum Hands polished production, along side EDF’s flexible delivery makes this something worth keeping on your playlist. …

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Don’t piss off Houston artist Stockz, otherwise he’ll just “Hit Ignore” on your call – @investinStockz

Houston native Stockz releases a brand new visual for his Ekzakt-produced, “Hit Ignore”. Featuring New Edition/Detroit movie star, Algee Smith, the video findz Stockz comfortable in his stomping grounds. Stockz has headlined the Revolt TV/McDonalds, Local Love Tour and has shared stages with other artist such as Young Jeezy, The Pharcyde, Gucci Mane and many others Aside from his artistry, …

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