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(New Album)-@pawcut and Exodus Persona Non Grata

Exodus (an emcee from Botswana currently based in Germany) and Pawcut (one of Germany’s most prolific Hip Hop producers) have teamed up to bring you “Persona Non Grata”. Combine Pawcut‘s trademark style with Exodus‘ one of a kind flow and you can expect a mixture that is both raw and smooth at the same time. A cosmos of sound and …

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(New Video)-@pawcut ”Talking to Those Starving”

People are motivated by alot of things, money, family, love, hate, desperation ……..But Hunger is a motivator that encompasses all those things and more. Classic The Legend is a mc from the atlanta region,Pawcut is a producer from germany , together they are “The Hungry People” , offering you a combination of vintage samples , dusty drum breaks and honest, …

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